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3 Best Art Investments

Investing in art can seem daunting there are so many options that it can be hard knowing where to start. That is why researching and having a partner that can guide you will come in handy. The costs of investing in art can be high, as it is a long-term investment. Like investing in any other market, you are not assured a profit or return, unless you can make good art investment choices and find a gem or 2. Here are the best art investments, to get a high-quality piece of artwork.

Buying in Art Galleries or Auctions

Auctions and galleries are a great way of investing in art. But it is key to having a good understanding and knowledge of the market to make a good decision on a piece. Buying artwork from a gallery usually means paying a significant mark-up, but it also promotes the artist. If you are new to art investment, going to art galleries and auctions is a good place to learn about the market first-hand.

Art Funds

Like any other investment funds, art funds allow investors to own fractional portions of a valuable piece of art. Art funds like Masterworks and the Fine Art Fund Group are examples of investment funds. They enable investors to own shares of famous art pieces and ensure the artwork is help in a secure place while looking for a buyer to sell at a profit.

Art Indices

The art market index aims to monitor the art market’s value. It works by tracking let say 100 top-performing artists at auction over the previous 5 years to analyze how the art market is doing. With this information, it is easier to have peace of mind on knowing which artists are consistent and have the highest turnover. But it is important to consider the different methodologies art indices use and outline what some of the main art indices do and don’t include.

As mentioned before, art is a long-term investment. It is best to have a team or someone who understands and has experience in the market to help you choose the best options. Investing in art can be fun and an experience to indulge in culture, history, and different art styles. Make sure to contact our gallery if you are interested in looking for your next piece investment piece.