Braulio Matos

Why You Should Add Magical Realism Paintings to Your Art Collection

Since art critic Franz Roh coined the term magic realism in 1925, magical realism paintings have gained popularity in the mainstream art industry. World-famous painters like Frida Kahlo, Carel Willink, Paul Cadmus, and Ivan Albright popularized magical realism art in the 1940s and 50s when the abstract expressionism art movement was on the rise.

Why Are Art Collectors Interested in Magical Realism Art?

Today, many art collectors buy magic realism art prints for sale to add to their collections. This has increased the representation of magical realism paintings in art collections. Given that about 53% of art collections worldwide have more than 500 artworks, the number of magical realism art prints in various art collections is rising steadily. Some of the magical realism paintings regarded as the best in the art industry that any collector would be proud to have include The Dream created by Henri Rousseau in 1910 and Green Hillside created by Eyvind Earle in 1970.

As an art collector, you may add magical realism paintings to your collection because of many reasons. Let’s explore some of them.

You Have Passion for Fantastical Elements

Magical realism art is based on the existence of fantastical elements in the real world. Magical realism artists depict ordinary characters doing ordinary things in a mystical way. Artists such as Carel Willink and Werner Tubke, who had mastered magical realism art, had the uncanny ability to embed mystical components in their paintings. These are the kind of magical realism paintings that force you to look more closely to decipher the idea depicted by the characters.

You Want to Expand Your Art Collection and Art Knowledge

As an art collector, having extensive knowledge of art is as valuable as having a vast collection of fine art prints or limited edition art prints. When you start collecting magical realism paintings, you’ll know more about the history of magical realism and other art movements in general. While researching magical realism, you may encounter other art movements such as impressionism and post-impressionism, cubism, futurism, and surrealism. This will help you be a knowledgeable art connoisseur, a quality any worthy art collector should have.

For Sentimental Reasons

Magical realism paintings have a way of speaking to a person’s heart and mind. Art lovers and collectors agree that the pieces of magical realism art prints they hold dear to their hearts cannot be quantified. These are the pieces that inspire you and help you understand complex topics in the world. Through magical realism paintings, artists can communicate a deeper meaning using normal characters without sending you to a fantasy world.

How Magical Realism Differs From Surrealism

While magical realism is often associated with surrealism, there are significant differences between the two art forms. For starters, magical realism is premised in the real world and focuses on ideas and things that happen to people in their everyday lives. On the other hand, surrealism focuses on the world of the mind and invites viewers to explore the unconscious and subconscious realms and their psychology. It focuses more on the mind’s imagination than the real things happening to a person in the real world. However, artists may sometimes use the two forms interchangeably. Frida Kahlo is a great example of a painter who walked both worlds.

Where You Can Find Magical Realism Art for Sale

Original magical realism paintings from famous artists such as Henri Rousseau and Giorgio de Chirico are pricey and hard to come by. However, the top art galleries in Coral Gables and other art-loving cities like Miami will have a wide collection of magic realism art prints for sale. Besides selling magical realism art, these top art galleries also sell limited edition serigraphs, limited edition fine art prints, whimsical art prints, and abstract art prints.

As an art collector, adding magical realism paintings to your collection will have both monetary and sentimental value. You should trust the top art galleries near you to supply you with top-quality magical realism art.