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High Risk, Low Risk; What You Need To Know Before Investing in Art

Many investors are looking to diversify their assets by investing in new markets. For this case art is definitely a great plus in your portfolio. Although it can be costly to invest in this market it is also safe, as no matter what the financial stock fluctuations are, the art market isn’t much affected. Here are some reasons why investing in art is a good move.

Investing In Art

If you are selective enough with collections, making them diverse and holding them long-term, along with guidance for your stock portfolio, chances are your art value will go up. For this business, it’s key to do your research and know there are degrees of risk and reward. Returns in art are similar to those of bonds instead of stock-market-beating returns.

  • High risk, high price tag: You can buy original works at galleries, auctions, and art fairs. Doing so comes with the highest price tag and the highest amount of risk. A good eye, knowledge of the market, and awareness of top art investment tendencies play a huge part. Perhaps you purchase a one-of-a-kind painting or sculpture that could be worth fortunes someday. Or on the contrary, become just an expensive piece of home decor.
  • Low risk, low price tag: Another option is low risk, low price. In this case, you can opt to buy a print of an original painting instead of the original version. A high-quality, limited edition print can be very valuable and costs half of the price of the original. You can also buy pieces by “blue chip” artists, those whose works’ values are the most stable and not subject to fashions and speculation.

Investing in art should be an enjoyable thing to do. Always make sure to buy works of art that match your style and that you feel happy about. A huge mistake is investing in a $10,000 painting that you don’t appreciate just because you expect its value to rise. If you are looking for original prints, amazing artists, and a unique piece come visit our gallery at Americas Graphics.