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A Guide To Understanding Prints

Whether you’re interested in purchasing a print to hang at home, or your office, you want a print that is of high quality. Limited edition prints are a worthwhile investment. Let’s explore limited edition prints and how they can add beauty and appeal to your home and workspaces.

What’s the Difference Between a Reproduction and a Fine Art Print?

A reproduction is a replica of art that already exists. Generally, it is a photo that has been mechanically produced. The image is oftentimes scanned and then printed for mass production. Many times, prints that are reproduced can fade when exposed to sunlight. Over time a reproduced print may turn yellow and degrade.

A fine art print is a print that is created by hand generally from a plate carved or etched by the artist. The tactile quality of the paper, printing style, and ink that the print is on are inextricable components of the artwork. These efforts cannot be achieved with reproductions.

Understanding Limited Edition Prints

Limited edition prints are prints that are fixed in number from the start of the print run. The number of limited editions is carefully and methodically chosen by the artist even before production begins. Once they are sold, no more can be created. Whether the limited editions are abstract art prints for sale, a fine art print, or a serigraph art print, the number of prints has already been determined giving the print a rare and mesmerizing quality.

Limited edition prints are generally numbered. As the number of prints in any edition is set by the artist beforehand, the prints are generally numbered and signed by the artist. Upon completion of the edition, the original plate, block, or stone is either destroyed or defaced so that no more can be created.

How Does A Print Increase in Value?

The number or the edition of the prints produced during a run is one of the most significant factors for determining the value of the print. Limited edition prints can soon become valuable due to numbering. If limited edition prints are owned by a vast number of people, then this will lower both its value and exclusivity. Additionally, having more limited edition prints will decrease the chances that the artist had direct involvement in the production process. Therefore, the smaller the edition, the more the limited edition prints are worth. If you are looking for an investment-worthy purchase, you should consider prints with an edition size that falls below 100. You may also consider abandoning prints that have an unlimited number of reproductions which are also referred to as open edition prints.

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