Fernando De Szyszlo

The Influence of Fernando de Szyszlo Art Prints in the Art Industry

There are many factors to consider when choosing artwork. Be it fine art print, whimsical art prints, magical realism art, or abstract art prints. One of the main considerations is the influence and contribution of the artist to society. Take, for instance, the legendary Fernando de Szyszlo – a champion of abstract art in Latin America. Fernando de Szyszlo art prints are globally acclaimed, not only because of his fine mastery of abstractism and surrealism but also because of Szyszlo’s contribution to the art society in Europe and Latin America.

Fernando de Szyszlo Prints

Szyszlo’s limited edition art prints can be found in more than 100 exhibitions in the world. Some of his famous paintings such as Inkarri, Apu Inca Atawallpaman, Paisaje, Casa de Venuz, and Dos Caminos a Mendieta are exhibited in world-famous museums and art galleries. Fernando de Szyszlo is recognized for largely influencing the advancement and adoption of surrealism, cubism, informalism, and abstractism in Latin America. One of his most renowned masterpieces, Inkarri, has significant historical influence in Latin America. Ikarri is a symbolic representation of a Pre-Columbian era myth, in which the last Inca, after being destroyed by the Spanish colonists, recomposed his body to reclaim his fallen empire from the Spanish invaders.

Global Acclaim and Decorations

In the 1950s when Latin American abstract art was little-known to the world, Fernando was among the key figures that worked relentlessly to popularize it in Europe and across the world. In Peru, Szyszlo’s home country, he was considered the top ten most influential persons of his time. He was awarded several prestigious awards for his meaningful contributions in both Latin American and European art industries. These include Chevalier de L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres from the French republic, and Grand Officer Bernardo O’Higgins for the Arts and Letters gifted by the Republic of Chile. Szyszlo shared his art knowledge as a Professor of Art at Cornell University and also as a visiting lecturer in top universities such as Yale. These are the achievements and contributions that make Szyszlo an acclaimed art legend in Europe and Latin America.

Why Buy Fernando de Szyszlo Art Prints?

As a collector or an avid art lover, Fernando de Szyszlo prints should be at the top of your list. Especially if you’re looking for abstract art prints for sale, Szyszlo’s artwork such as Apu Inca Atawallpaman, Paisaje, and Cajamarca are some of the finest masterpieces to add to your collection. Fernando de Szyszlo art prints are world-class not only because he always gave his best, but also because he honed his skills under the tutorage of an outstanding Austrian expressionist painter — Adolf Winternitz. He was Adolf’s apprentice during his time at the School of Arts of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP).

Fernando de Szyszlo Prints Are a Great Source to Learn About Pre-Columbian Cultures.

Artworks that have a cultural and historical significance to a group of people are always a worthy addition to your art collection. No other artists depict the struggles and way of life of the indigenous people in the pre-Columbian era like Szyszlo does. Other than his well-known, Ikarri painting, Szyszlo’s other paintings such as Apu Inca Atawallpaman, provide a glimpse of the violent interaction between the indigenous Incas versus their invaders, the Spanish colonists.

For collectors interested in Latin American history, or those looking for fine abstract art prints for sale, Fernando de Szyszlo prints should be on top of your list. Artists largely influence their artwork’s value, and Szyszlo is one of the top painters who always produced exceptional pieces. As of 2017, the global art market was valued at about $64 billion. Masterpieces such as Szyszlo’s Ikarri, fetch great prices in the art market. Having one of Fernando de Szyszlo prints in your collection will add sentimental and monetary value. You’ll find limited edition prints such as Fernando de Szyszlo art prints worth buying in the top museums and art galleries near you.