Humberto Calzada

What is Magical Realism?

When asking the question of what is magical realism, there are several important trademarks to note. It’s also important not to confuse magical realism with fantasy or realism. Today, magical realism is one of the most common art forms on the market. Below are three trademarks to look for to answer your question of what is magical realism if you are someone interested in finding magical realism art for sale.

Fantastic Elements in a Real-World Setting

The basis of magical realism is the realist movement. That means that magical realism art is set in the real world, and often focuses on ordinary people who do ordinary things. However, what makes magical realism different from traditional realism is a fantastic element that is added to the work. This may not be something as obvious as a witch casting a spell, but it could be gravity not affecting everything as it should or light not acting in a typical way.

There’s Two Grouping of Magical Realism as a Visual Medium

There are two basic groups that make up magical realism in art, particularly as it is expressed in visual art. The first is new objectivity. New objectivity went further than its opposing group, called post-expressionism. Post-expressionism is noted for rejecting abstract art forms while taking an approach more solidly based in realism. On the other hand, new objectivity tends to lean more into the magical side of magical realism. Noting the difference between these two causes most people to look at post-expressionism as the true form of magical realism, but they both fall under the umbrella of a magical realist style.

Unique Uses of Juxtaposition

By the very nature of magical realism, it is juxtaposing different styles. This comparison of what is real and right in front of our faces to the fantastic is one of the great strengths of magical realism. Those fantastic elements draw attention to what is being critiqued by the art and emphasize the issues present.

A lot of magical realism comes from Latin America, as fantasy and magic are a key point of consciousness culturally across Latin America. That’s why a lot of magical realism art for sale comes from Latin American artists. It’s important to remember to look for the key trademarks of style to get the answer to your question of what is magical realism when someone is purchasing a piece of magical realism. There is a massive market for art, with about a $64 billion market in the United States in 2017 alone. So, you want to make sure you’re getting the pieces that you’re interested in.