Enrique Campuzano

The Art of Giving Limited Edition Prints

The holiday season is almost here. With the season coming closer and closer every day, the stress of finding perfect gifts for everyone builds up. For those who love to give gifts, this time of year is a breeze. For those who struggle with gift-giving, this season feels out of their comfort zone. Whether you fall into one category or another, you still have the goal to give all your loved ones incredible gifts this holiday season. Here are the reasons why you should look into the gifts that keep on giving: limited edition prints.

​Gain More By Spending Less
Art, as you know, is an investment. An investment that grows in value for years to come. If you happen to have a budget on gifts this year, you may believe that art will surely not fit into it. Limited edition prints, however, will not break your budget. These prints provide the luxurious sensation that comes from buying art without spending more than you can. By gifting prints of different styles to each of your family members and friends, you are giving every one of them a unique experience that is one-of-a-kind.

​Never Lose Their Worth
Once the season is over, the gifts given over the holidays often lose their magic. A present may be left on the shelf and forgotten or stored away somewhere and out of sight. This does not happen for limited edition prints because they never lose their enchantment. Art is meant to be gazed upon and admired. Prints are supposed to be hung up either in the office, the bedroom, or living room for all to see. There is always a place for them in a home. Some gifts come and go, but art is forever.

​Help Start a Collection 
Every family and friend group has someone who wants to start an art collection but does not know where to begin. Giving them a limited edition print will be what they need to get started. In another scenario, these prints will set expectations for the holiday season in years to come. Every year, your loved ones will expect another incredible print to add to their budding collection.