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4 Reasons to Buy Limited Edition Art Prints

Art collectors worldwide are always looking for original artworks to add to their cherished collections. And for a while now, limited edition fine art prints from artists like Guillermo Trujillo have been on the top of the checklist for both established and upcoming art collectors. Why should you buy limited edition art prints to add to your collection?

Here’s why.

1. You Get Original Artwork When You Buy Limited Edition Art Prints For Sale

Some art collectors may wrongly assume that art prints are only a reproduction of an artist’s original art. Far from that, limited edition prints are original artworks from renowned artists like Guillermo Trujillo made in print form by the artist. There are many types of prints available in the global art market, which was valued at about $64 billion in 2017. You will find limited edition prints in many forms, from serigraphs, lithographs to etchings, and engravings. Some of these print forms, such as serigraphy, are hand-made by the artist and require high-expertise and mastery of silk screening techniques. Most artists produce serigraphs by themselves or enlist a master printer but closely supervise the entire process. Consequently, when you buy limited edition serigraph artwork for sale, you will get original and unique art from your artist of choice.

2.The Value of Limited Edition Prints Increase With Time

Limited edition art prints, as the name suggests, are produced in a small number as per the discretion of the artist. Some of the top artists may produce as few as ten prints in an edition to maintain their artwork’s value. The fewer prints produced in an edition, the higher the value of the artwork. When all prints in an edition get sold out, or when only a few copies are left, the artwork’s overall value increases significantly. Therefore, if you have an art print from a sold-out edition in your collection, you will make a killing if you auction it in the market. Limited edition art prints may also hike in value as the artist’s popularity grows or when an artist passes away, for instance, Guillermo Trujillo. When you buy limited edition art prints from a lesser-known artist who then becomes more popular, the artwork’s value will increase significantly.

Additionally, when renowned artists die, their artworks may record a spike in value. Generally, the scarcity of limited edition art prints makes them more valuable. Therefore, when other aspects increase the artwork’s demand in a limited edition, the art’s value skyrockets.

3. Limited Edition Prints are of Superior Quality

Part of the reason that limited edition prints are so restricted is because artists go above and beyond to produce high-quality prints. There’s no mass production of artwork in a limited edition, which keeps the quality in check. Some of the top painters will only produce limited edition prints upon request or as part of legacy building. For this reason, they go to extreme lengths to guarantee the quality and authenticity of their artwork. Additionally, they use the best quality of materials, such as acid-free cotton papers that can last a lifetime. When you buy limited edition art prints, you are confident that the artwork will last for generations with zero or less damage from wear and tear.

4. Artists Integrate Fresh Idea in Fine Art Print

When producing limited edition prints, artists may improve their art by introducing fresh ideas. Instead of reproducing their old artwork, artists integrate fresh ideas that make their art more relevant in the modern world. Today’s art collectors are looking for artwork that is more relevant to the modern generation. This makes fine art print attractive to many art collectors across the globe.

Most art collectors are buying limited edition art prints from artists like Guillermo Trujillo to add to their art collection. Fine art print is not only valuable to add to your collection but also it will increase in value over time. Therefore, limited edition art prints for sale are a good investment to all art collectors and you can get them from art galleries in coral gables.