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3 Reasons You Should Begin Collecting Limited Edition Prints

With different styles and techniques used to create these limited edition art prints, including serigraph printing, you’ll be able to find a piece that speaks to you. Paintings are the most popular form of art pieces in collections globally. Paintings make up 83% of the media in collections compared to collages, drawings, and works on paper only being 15%.

You might already be thinking you should start collecting limited edition prints, but they are not just a way to add variety to your art collection. Here are some other reasons why you should start collecting limited edition prints.

Prints Are a Way to Save

Limited edition prints are enticing to buyers and collectors because of their prices. Compared to other pieces of art, limited edition prints are a more cost-efficient way to expand your collection. The prices of prints create a way for newer or younger buyers to begin their art collection.

When looking to buy limited edition art prints, serigraphs are recommended. Serigraph art prints are created by a silk-press process, using the original piece to create reproductions. Even though they are reproductions, each serigraph is created as a limited edition print. You can invest in limited edition serigraph prints within your budget while supporting artists you love.

Limited Edition Prints Are Original Pieces

Even though limited edition art prints are reproductions, they are still original pieces. When creating serigraph art prints, the artist is involved by either being the one to create it or by being the monitor for an expert printer. Not only are they involved with the print being created, but they also sign and number the back of each print.

Even though limited edition prints aren’t one-of-a-kind pieces like other pieces artists create, they still have their own originalities. Having a limited edition print is still special due to a limited amount of people having it, and it is signed by the artist. Also, since each one is numbered to symbolize how many prints are in the edition, each one is different from the next.

Art Prints Can Increase in Worth

Limited edition prints are collectible since there is a limited amount printed and sold. After the edition is printed, it won’t be printed again. This increases the allure of the prints and can make them sought after by others. When an artist becomes famous, their prints can be auctioned for much more than originally sold.

With the quality of the print, especially serigraph prints, the print will always keep its worth and can increase over time. Some collectors want to have the limited edition print that is marked as the first print, so these also can increase in worth throughout the years.

When looking to add to your art collection, or even begin it, limited edition prints are a worthy investment. The price might be lower, but the quality isn’t reduced. You’ll be able to have an original, and maybe eventually rare, piece in your collection.