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6 Amazing Artists Inspired By Nature

Current statistics indicate that the Federal funding for humanities and artistic works is around $250 million annually. This is meager funding given that the National Science Foundation gets around $5 billion. Despite the low funding, artists continue to produce work that inspires the current generation. Here are several artists who have come up with art inspired by nature in recent times.

Katerina Apale

Katerina Apale paints still life and other scenes that are mostly inspired by nature. Her art is colorful and playful while at the same time blending colors to demonstrate beauty in the world. Her main aim, just like Omar Dleon paintings, is to inspire positivity through different colors and brightness. Her artwork can be used to remind people that they should drive inspiration from nature in their daily activities.

Miranda Lloyd

Miranda Lloyd is a famous artist who is highly known for her affection to both traditional art and graphic design. She often comes with art inspired by nature, especially trees and animals. She uses trees to create media pieces while at the same time illustrating colors, shapes, lines, and texture. A study of trees and animals will not be complete without showing the work done by this artist. She is one of the few artists who incorporate magical realism in art.

Lorenzo M. Duran

Leaves are essential aspects of the life of any plant. Very few plants can support their existence without leaves, which are vital parts of gaseous exchange and photosynthesis. Lorenzo M. Duran creates unique artwork using leaves to demonstrate how each member of the society is dependent on one another. Most of his artwork has been used in family rooms to show togetherness and interdependence within a family, the smallest unit of society.

Bryan Nash Gill

Brian Nash Gill uses unique woodcut to come up with his artwork. He has limited edition fine art prints made from tree stumps and mostly used to show the ‘soul of a tree.’ As a conservation artist, Bryan has demonstrated the role of trees and other vegetation in the life of human beings. He uses art inspired by nature to remind people of their responsibility towards environmental sustenance. At a time when climate change is a major issue around the world, it is good to use his artwork to spread his ideas to other people.

Nils Udo

Nils Udo is one of the few artists who has remained consistent by producing art inspired by nature for many years. He pays huge attention to canopies, roots, and the role of plants in taking carbon dioxide and producing oxygen at night. He tries to show how canopies provide shelter to wild animals and human beings as well. His artistic work revolves around the role of nature in the life of human beings.

Richard Long

Another artist who produces art inspired by nature is Richard Long. He uses sculptures, stones, and other natural elements to create various installations. He has even worked with mud to come up with various installations. His artwork focuses on creativity and how people can use nature to inspire creativity and innovation in their daily lives.

These are some of the few artists who have excelled by producing artwork inspired by nature. If you are interested in inducing a sense of nature in your house interiors, you can check some of their paintings in various museums and art walk facilities.