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Are Limited Edition Prints Worth Buying? Find Out

This is a common question from any person who is interested in abstract art prints. The global art market is significantly growing, with a considerable number of people buying art inspired by nature and other art prints reproductions. The increase in the number of people buying artwork eclipsed the 64 billion U.S. dollars mark in 2017, which is a significant increase in market value.

The main issue remains to be the types of serigraph that buyers prefer. Most of the artists prefer to produce limited edition art prints so that they can retain or increase value for their prints. There is an issue of scarcity in these type of fine art prints which give them more value.

• Superior Quality Prints

One of the major benefits of limited edition prints is that they are of superior quality. Limited edition prints are not mass-produced, which means that the issue of quality is thoroughly checked. You have the chance of comparing limited edition prints and other forms of prints available in the mainstream print industry. Most of these prints are acid-free cotton papers that can outlast you and generations to come.

• Fresh Work

If you enter into a print shop and innocently ask the question, ‘Are limited edition prints worth buying?’ You will get an honest answer; they are fresh, and as such, they are worth buying. Most of the artists are not interested in flogging endless reproductions of the older work. They come up with fresh ideas that are relevant to the current trends. You will stand out when you are displaying a new artwork as compared to when you are displaying an old work of art that every person has seen.

• Supporting Artists

If you are a person who wants to support artists, you will not have a problem buying this type of art reproduction because they are worth it. When you purchase limited edition prints, you are supporting an artist who is staying in a certain corner shop trying to come up with fresh and relevant prints. However, buying older prints is an indirect way of supporting a company that owns the rights to the prints and only pays a stipend to the original artist, which is not worth it.

• Solid Investment

There is no doubt that people will always be attracted to fresh and unique prints, which means that you can easily transform them into money when need be. You might not have the work of Picasso or Vincent Van Gogh, but you can be sure people will always be attracted to limited edition serigraph that has a taste of fashion and relevancy. There are thousands of limited edition prints from unknown artists that have attracted thousands of dollars from third party buyers.

• Limited Distribution

It is worth buying because you will have a product that has very limited distribution. Limited edition prints are released in very small and cherished quantities so you will not be seeing your valued print hanging on any other coffee shop down the street. By having a limited edition print work, you have something unique that you can show to your friends, decorate your room, and give as a present to the person you love.

• Are limited edition prints worth buying?

From the above analysis, no doubt limited edition prints are worth buying. Therefore, if you come across an image that is attractive and limited in supply, it will be important if you can add it in your collections. Always consider limited edition prints, and you will be unique, attractive, and more so, have some financial benefits, if you consider selling.