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4 Attributes of Artwork You Should Consider When Collecting Art

Artwork from prolific artists such as Omar D’Leon, is a jewel to have in your art collection. Various aspects come into play when valuing fine art print, and the reputation and achievement of the artist are first on the list. For the famous Nicaraguan painter and poet, Omar D’leon, his life has been exemplary, and his artwork laden with accolades from all over the globe. That’s why it’s worth collecting Omar D’Leon paintings for sale from top art galleries. The following attributes will help you value artwork from top artists such as Omar DLeon.

1. The Credibility of the Artist

Art by Omar D’Leon speaks depths of his love for Impressionist school that is a big source of inspiration in his work. As an art collector, Omar’s magical realism paintings such as Canasta Blanca are worth considering when looking for Omar Dleon paintings for sale. When valuing fine artwork for your collection, you should also review the artist’s other accomplishments that add more authenticity to their artwork. For instance, Omar D’Leon founded Museo-Galeria 904, a museum in Managua, in 1970. Additionally, he mentored other artists, such as Andrea Yomtob and Edward Price. This boosts his credibility as an artist, and it is one of the many reasons that Omar Dleon paintings for sale are displayed in world-famous art galleries.

2. Art Studies

Some of the finest artwork, especially in the intriguing categories such as magical realism art and whimsical art, are from artists who spent years learning and perfecting their art. The artists may have been understudies or students of a much experienced and acclaimed artist, or they may have been students of acclaimed art schools. Omar D’Leon went through nine years of art school in Nicaragua’s famous Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes. That’s one of the many reasons why Omar D’Leon paintings for sale fetch top dollar in art galleries.

When collecting art, knowing the history of the artist is as important as verifying the quality of the artwork. For some categories of art like magical realism paintings, only the best artists will produce bespoke artwork that will be a value-addition to your collection. Globally, paintings account for 83% of art collections, while collage, drawings, and works on paper comprise 15%. To create picture-perfect paintings, artists may take years learning, practicing, and perfecting their craft.

3. Subject and Context of Artwork

Paintings often depict the circumstances, experiences, and the world that an artist or a certain group of people has gone through. Such paintings may tell the story, agony, accomplishments, and culture of a group of people or a person who was instrumental in shaping the history of the world. Since such pieces of artwork have a cultural and historical significance, they will be worth more in your art collection. Omar D’Leon’s paintings follow the same trajectory. Some of his paintings tell the story of his experience in 1979 when he was forced to flee his country during the Sandinistas Revolution. Having historical and culturally-relevant artwork adds more value to your art collection. This is why you should buy Omar D’Leon paintings for sale that have historical value to Nicaraguans.

4. Relevance of Artwork

You will find Omar DLeon paintings for sale from way back in the ’80s and ’90s that are still relevant today. This is because Omar is a master in his art and his artwork has cultural significance to the modern art-lover. When collecting artwork, you should weigh its relevance in the contemporary world. Artworks that tell the history of certain people, countries, world events, and personalities who shaped the world’s history will remain relevant for a long time. This means that you should be well-informed as an art collector so that you can pick artwork, not just for beauty and quality, but also for its relevance.

There so many factors that you should consider when selecting artwork to add to your art collection. Any of Omar DLeon paintings for sale will be a good addition to your art collection.