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4 Great Locations For Art Inside Your Home

Unless you are an artist, a curator, or a gallery owner, buying any art is not an easy fit. Most of the time, just understanding art can be hard. It may be confusing when it comes to choosing colors and the right size. However, you may also not know whether to go with abstract or whimsical art. Whimsical art is very interesting and it’s easier to understand compared to abstract art. Picking art for your home is more intuitive than you may think as long as you follow a few rules.

Get it if you like it

While home design and decor requires following rules about certain colors and flooring options, when it comes to wall art, try to be more eclectic. Express yourself through color, texture, and content. It helps to know the artist behind the painting because you may have an easier time understanding the content of their work. You can simply research and read about them online to learn more about their stylings.

Act fast or risk missing out

If you are looking into limited edition fine art prints, abstract art, or whimsical art, it’s best to act fast before they sell out of the particular piece you’re hoping to purchase. Art is usually unique and something one of a kind, leading to high demand. If you like a piece but ignore it, you may miss out on something incredible.

Art for your kitchen

Most people take their kitchen space for granted when it comes to placing artwork. However, this is the heart of a home and possibly the most used space in your house. You certainly need to incorporate some art here, whether it’s abstract art, whimsical art, or any other kind you like. The spaces above your cabinets or countertops can look excellent with framed pieces of art. To pick the right art, choose smaller pieces that are easy to incorporate with other pieces of decor in the kitchen. Go with funny and social prints that bring warmth, smiles, and easier mornings.

Art for your office

Whether you want art for a regular office or just your home office, you can easily personalize your space with a few nice pieces. You may try a rotating gallery and pick out several art pieces that appeal to you. Go with pieces that express positivity and inspiration then incorporate them in different sizes. You may use different frames to add character to your office or just go with similar frames for a minimalistic look.

Art for your bathroom

The bathroom is very similar to the kitchen when it comes to art. Almost everyone neglects it. The art you choose, whether abstract or whimsical art, should play well with the theme and decor of the bathroom. For instance, calming and serene pieces will suit a master bathroom better while fun and bright pieces would suit a powder room better. Keep in mind that bathroom art looks so much better in pairs.

Art for your living room

The easiest room to decorate with art is your living room. It may seem intimidating to most because this is where they host guests, but in essence, these rooms are much simpler than other rooms. It is elemental that you pick the absolute right pieces that will not only look great but provoke conversation and set the mood.

You can choose to go with one large piece or one wall as a gallery. There are amazing abstract prints and whimsical art pieces for sale out there. You may also purchase art by the artist, and there are incredible artists out there, such as Fernando DeSzyszlo, Gina Pellon, Gioconda Rojas, and Paul Hunter. You can try magical realism or nature-inspired art — the choice is up to you! Ensure that you pick something that speaks to you and makes your home feel like home.