Federico Norldam

Reasons to Add Serigraphs to Your Collection

All artists have their own unique styles when it comes to creating art. Some artists prefer wooden paintbrushes over plastic. Others may think using acrylic paint impacts the subject of their work. For example, Salvador Dalí once painted with a live octopus. Art is art, and artists know what techniques work for them. Serigraphy is a famous painting technique typical in commercial art. A serigraph is an art print which results from a process of silkscreen to transfer images onto surfaces like paper. Serigraphs are hand-made prints done by an artist or an experienced printer under intense supervision. If you are in the process of enhancing your art collection, follow along with these reasons to why serigraphs will make a notable addition to your collection.

Rare and Worthy Finds

​You can spot a serigraph of the same image on multiple occasions and each will differ from the others. The method of making a serigraph includes the reproduction of original masterpieces from a selective pool of artists. Each print contains a distinct uniqueness that is difficult to replicate during every cycle. If you were to include a serigraph of a painting to your collection, the chances of another collector having a serigraph with the same characteristics are slim to none. You can proudly say you obtained a work for your collection unlike any other in the world. 

Increased Value 

​The masterpiece and the serigraph that is produced from it both have an exclusive value. The value in incorporating a serigraph to your collection is on equal sides monetary and artistic. Serigraphs are not as expensive as the original works, thus eliminating some factors many collectors face when purchasing art. That does not lower its worth, but rather increases it. The value of a piece lies within the collector. Finding a rare serigraph of an exclusive painting that fits your budget is valuable to you. It is an opportunity for collectors to expand their collection without troubling over whether or not they can afford it. Artistically, the value in a serigraph is in the technique used to create it and knowing no other person has a copy like the one you have. 

All the Elements

​With a serigraph, you can have it all. The process of creating a serigraph is one-of-a-kind method. Whether the serigraph was made directly by the artist or by a printer, there are levels of creativity. The painting the serigraph is copied from is an art piece, but so is the serigraph. Serigraphy is an artistic technique many art galleries, such as Americas Graphics, are integrating because they recognize that this is the future of art collecting. A serigraph is a rare and valuable find worthy of any collection without breaking the collectors budget.