Americas Collection Graphics

Telling a Story Through Art

​Stories are told in a plethora of forms. They are said amongst close friends describing what happened at work, are written in patterns of enchanting characters and surreal worlds, and are painted on canvasses for onlookers to piece together the clues and reveal its deeper meaning. Story-telling will never vanish in culture. Artworks such as paintings, serigraphs, and photographs narrate tales meant only for specific collectors to understand them. Here are a few ideas into the narratives art can provide to a collection. 

​Historical Insights
Art has meaning. There are artists who say their art cannot be defined, but there still remains a layer of depth into the work. Historically, art was used as a method to depict great events or mythological epics. The events are only the subjects of the pieces. Every artwork portrays a time and a culture to a greater detail. What type of paint the artist uses can indict the century, the artist’s financial situation, and the culture. The coloring in the work is another example of how art reflects a culture of a period. Blue was once known to be a feminine color, so several portraits show the women in blues and the men in pinks. How the piece was created also displays historical acuity. Serigraphs date back to early Chinese and Japanese artists in the form of stencil printing. Modern artists admired and applied this technique to screen-printing. When a collector sees a serigraph today, they can acknowledge that this form dates back long before the artist’s birth.

​Entering a New World
The moment a collector adds another piece to their collection, they are allowing themselves to be transported into places and ideas they never imagined before. Art is a gateway to a world only deserving to those who can appreciate the effort placed into every detail. Some stories in art may not be obvious to the naked eye and some may not make any sense. No matter how mind-bottling they seem, they are still tales worth admiring and collecting.

When you, as an art collector, make the decision to add a piece to your collection, remember to look for the galleries who know the importance in the stories lying in the art. You can peacefully add a unique serigraph to your collection knowing you are holding a piece of history in your fingertips. Contact us today to find out how Americas Graphics can show you tales art can tell.