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Geometry in Fine Art

The subjects of art and mathematics have commonly been viewed as polar opposites. Mathematics is perceived as strictly analytical and holds imagination. Art is viewed as an expression of emotions and lacks systematic planning to the works. Both impressions are merely stereotypes of these two subjects. These clichés are broken down when artists began to combine art and mathematics together to create glorious fine art. This is the inside look at the art of geometry.

Dating back to the ancient Greeks, geometric art presented as one of the basic forms of visuals in pieces. The Greeks incorporated geometry into their pottery designs depicting mythical legends and epics. Various shapes were painted to exact measurements in order for them to fit on vases or plates. As centuries pass with ideas and stories shared around the globe, art historians realized all cultures share some form of geometric art in their history. Geometric abstraction is present in many cultures. The style became known as illustrations for the spiritual connections to science and art. Despite this creative method present throughout history, the idea of combing mathematics and art still perplexes minds. Modern artists are changing those perceptions by assimilating the method into their own styles of fine art.

​In Today’s Galleries
As mentioned before, modern artists are changing people’s original thoughts about the joining of art and mathematics. While the artists may not be typing on a calculator and using a protractor to paint their extraordinary works, they still look at numerous shapes and picture what more those shapes can be aside from the lines that build them. The artist, Pérez Celis takes geometry in fine art to a different level.  Many may think geometric art as cold or emotionless, but Celis’s paintings display the raw intensity only daring artists are willing to try. He pushes the limits just for people to finally see what bringing together art and geometry can do for the artistic world.