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Why You Should Buy Art Prints

You’re an art aficionado or a corporate business in need of quality art, but you don’t have the budget for original works. Buying art prints is an affordable option, and enables you to furnish your area with works you love, that pass for the real thing. No matter your taste, whether it be still life artwork, whimsical artwork, or abstract pieces, you have plenty of options to add a touch of culture to your space. The following tells about the different types of art available in beautiful prints, and how they benefit your unique space.

The Benefits of Buying a Print

What are the benefits of buying a print versus a piece? Prints come etching, silkscreen, and woodcut. Artists can produce several different versions of the same work, which are called editioned prints. These editioned prints are considered to be original works. Prints are often smaller than the originals, but more affordable and regarding price, as well as shipping costs. Printmaking is an art form, just as an original piece would be, as the creation of a print requires a high level of skill, with meticulous attention to even the smallest detail.

Art by Omar Dleon Prints for Your Space

Omar DeLeon, born in 1939, is known for impressionistic pieces. He incorporates cross-hatching, as well as layering and scoring, to create contemporary works with a touch of impressionism. Art by Omar Dleon is finished using brushes, knives, and oil and wax on canvas. Through layering with the beeswax, an intricate pattern is completed, providing a delicate, yet fluid look. Art by Omar Dleon has been reproduced as high-quality prints. These detailed pieces will add energy and fluidity to any corner of a room and reflect the passion the artist has for his work.

Still Life Art Makes Ordinary Objects Iconic

Still life painting shows a different way of looking at ordinary objects and gives them an otherworldly quality. Still, life artwork captures the time in which it was created, showing us a glimpse of the day-to-day in a time not our own. Still, life art for sale in print form is accessible and affordable and brings simple elegance to your space. Still, life art can be pastel, ink, paint, or any other medium, and are extremely popular with buyers. Once considered the lowest of genres, still life work is highly sought after because of the story the work tells, and its sometimes symbolic meaning.

Magical Realism Painting Add Touch of Whimsy

A magical realist incorporates strange objects, merges different elements, and creates an overall mythical appearance to the mundane. Magical realism is a form of avant-garde art, which emerged in the 1920s. Magical realism in art depicts an alternative reality while still observing the everyday aspect of life. Magical realism is often compared to surrealistic art, but the movement’s pioneers wanted to set themselves apart from surrealist artists of the day. Magical realism art doesn’t place its focus on the unconscious mind, but rather on the observable strangeness of reality itself. Magical realism art for sale will provide your home or office with a touch of this stark, yet magical reality in the form of high-quality prints.

113,000 nonprofit arts organizations employ 2.2 million artists in the workforce, providing the arts are a strong force in the economy. Once you start your exploration into prints and learn more about the artists behind them, like art by Omar Dleon, you can ask for additional information about various techniques, and gauge what speaks to you, your clients, or employees. When you start your collection, you will be amazed at the uplifting quality of art and appeal it adds to any space.