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The Many Ways Nature Is Dominating 2020 Art Trends

What kind of artworks are in high demand in 2020? The simple answer is artwork inspired by nature. In 2020, there is a growing demand for artwork inspired by nature, artwork depicting nature, and artwork created using natural and sustainable materials.

Look out for these trends when adding new prints to your collection.

Choose Colors Found In Nature

When sorting through limited edition art prints for sale, look for prints with colors found in nature. Search for prints and artworks with prominent greens and blues. Select paintings with a lot of brown, beige, and amber. Think earth tones.

Expect these colors to show up in landscapes and botanical prints and paintings as well as abstract pieces and whimsical art prints. According to USA Art News, five of the most popular colors to keep an eye out for include: French vanilla, peppermint, hazelnut, grey-green, and warm grey. French vanilla evokes positive emotions and serves as a “predominant cream-yellow color creating the effect of sunlight,” USA Art News continues. Peppermint suggests a calm, soothing green, and grey-green calls vegetation literally or figuratively to mind, depending on the print in question.

The Intersection of Art And Nature

Another common theme in current collections and/or works created in 2020 is the intersection of art and nature. This takes many different forms. Artwork inspired by nature may include landscapes, abstract paintings, and/or art collections displayed in gardens, greenhouses, or rooms also inspired by nature (typically rooms painted a deep blue with grey or brown furnishings and plenty of natural light and plants).

Another way collectors are bringing art and nature together is to display artworks with nature sounds or nature-inspired music playing in the background.

Finally, collectors are purchasing prints of in-person art installations that combine nature and art. For example, an artist recently filled Barcelona’s Liceu opera house with thousands of nursery plants. While such installations are typically viewed in-person, the artist and opera house took several pictures of the installation to accommodate concerns about the pandemic and social distancing and to capture the artwork in a form that will last for ages to come.

A Growing Demand For Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Materials

There is a growing demand for sustainable and natural materials for artists — and manufacturers are rising to meet that demand. More and more often, artists can find naturally based paints as well as paintbrushes, canvases, palettes, and other materials made from recycled and/or biodegradable materials. Similarly, if you order prints of your favorite paintings, many galleries and sellers are working toward “greening up” their sales process. They may package any prints you buy in sustainable packaging, for example.

The push toward greener practices does not stop there, however. Artists, sellers, and art collectors alike are also embracing works that provoke people to think about climate change and the effects humans are having on the world around us, including plants, animals, and future generations. In addition to artwork inspired by nature, artists are also creating paintings and photographs about nature with the environment, climate change, and their hope for a better future as their primary focus.

For a complete and awe-inspiring collection, make sure to select paintings and prints that are inspired by and/or draw attention to nature.

Choose nature-inspired prints for a sense of calm and peace, and to finally understand why world-famous artist Claude Monet once summed up his love of nature with the following sentiment: “My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature.”