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Three Art Movements That Might Be Missing in Your Art Collection

Many art collectors find that if they are not diligent about exploring all kinds of art, their collection can tend to get stale. It’s easy to follow a certain routine when shopping around for new artworks. Instead, as a collector, you should always push your boundaries and see what else you might be missing. If you are looking to revivify your art collection, then get started by exploring works within these art styles that are overlooked and ignored all too often.

Magical Realism

A fine starting point for collectors is magical realism. This style of art is appealing because it portrays realistic scenarios, while also including magical or fantastical elements. Looking at Paul Hunter art for sale, you will see that both the physical world and the influence of other realms are included. As a starting example, finding the right Omar Dleon paintings can be an excellent way to work some magical realism into your art collection. However, there are many artists that make this tradition an impressive, endlessly gratifying piece of the art world for enthusiasts and collectors of all kinds.

Abstract Art

Abstract art, while quite popular among art collectors, is a bit more difficult to define. Simply put, works of art in the abstract tradition do not portray realistic scenes. Instead, they combine innovative colors, shapes, and concepts to illustrate images of unreality and boundless imagination.

Because of its variable, unpredictable nature, there are many artists who could be filed under the abstract tradition. If you look at Paul Hunter art for sale, you will see that some of the work includes abstract elements. More traditional painters who focus on still life or landscape portraits still include abstract components from time to time. If you are at all interested in using abstract art to decorate a space, then it’s a good idea to begin exploring limited edition prints, as some of the most notable works of abstract art are quickly becoming harder to find.

Whimsical Artwork

As an often-overlooked field of art, whimsical art incorporates themes of light, fantastical, and childlike wonder. Whimsical art is typically seen as bright and full of imagination. It is a great way to improve a sense of invitation and fun in the rooms of your home. Popular artists who use whimsical techniques are quite common, so if you discover that this movement speaks to you, there is no shortage of whimsical art prints for sale on today’s market.

Federal funding for the arts and humanities rolls in around $250 million a year, while the National Science Foundation is funded around the $5 billion mark. When you consider these figures, it’s clear that as an art collector, you can contribute to the positive upward growth of the economy of the arts in today’s culture. Whether you are searching for Paul Hunter art for sale, still life paintings, or any other type of limited edition art prints, it all starts by finding the right supplier. At Americas Graphics we have a wide selection of prints that span across all different art traditions, movements, and eras. Contact us today so we can help you find the right prints for your art collection.